Clinical Social Work Intern


I’m a Registered Clinical Social Work Intern who earned her Master’s degree at the University of South Florida. I’ve worked with adolescents and adults in individual, and group sessions. I’ve worked in a variety of settings including inpatient mental health and substance abuse, intensive outpatient dual diagnosis, residential and outpatient treatment for adolescents, incarcerated adults, and outpatient aftercare programs for adults. I have experience serving clients with a wide range of issues relating to anxiety (Generalize, Panic, and Phobia), depression and mood disorders, behavioral issues (conduct, ODD), co-occurring disorders, and substance/alcohol abuse. I utilize a variety of approaches from a Trauma-Informed perspective and tailor treatment to each client’s individual’s needs. I work to continually provide a compassionate, safe, non-judgmental, and positive environment for all clients. I welcome and celebrate clients of all ethnic, cultural, religious, and sexual orientation/identities.

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