Ethics & Boundaries
1. Having a sexual relationship with a client is permitted, as long as all parties report it to the state licensing board.
2. Nonmaleficence is defined as:
3. Documentation should be which of the following (check all that apply):
4. How long should clinical documentation be maintained post termination?
5. When is using jargon permitted in clinical documentation?
6. Informed consent is defined as:
7. Protected classes in client rights do NOT include:
8. Which of the following is NOT a step in ethical decision-making?
9. Sue and Sue identified attributes of cultural competence as:
10. What is the fundamental intent of confidentiality?
11. Which of these are NOT limits of confidentiality?
12. As mandated reporters, are clinicians legally or ethically obligated to report sucidal and homicidal intent?
13. When the limits of confidentiality require you to make a report, you should:
14. Competence is defined as:
15. When is a parent of a minor permitted to acess their child's confidential records?

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