Adult Group Counseling

Group Therapy

You are not alone. 

Group therapy is NOT like you see in the movies. 

Our therapy groups provide a confidential space
to develop new strategies to the commonly shared issue
with a licensed mental health counselor using evidence-based treatment.

How It Works:

  • Schedule a 30 minute group member intake session (may be in person or via Telehealth) - $20

  • Complete intake paperwork online

  • The group therapist will contact you to notify you of the first session.

  • You may discontinue at any time.


8 sessions (90 minutes each)

  • Explaining anxiety

  • Managing anxiety triggers

  • Learn exposure and desensitization

  • Learn to challenge negative thoughts

  • Managing panic attacks

  • Decrease racing thoughts and worry

  • Relaxation skill building

  • Stress coping skills

Cost: $25 per session per person


12 sessions (90 minutes each)

  • Explaining depression

  • Practice self care strategies

  • Develop mindfulness practices

  • Practice cognitive restructuring

  • Explore behavioral activation association with depression

  • Develop problem-solving skills

  • Improve self-esteem

Cost: $25 per session per person


8 sessions (60 minutes each)

  • Explore anger events

  • Identify cues to anger

  • Review the Aggression Cycle

  • Practice Cognitive Restructuring

  • Practice assertiveness skills

  • Apply the Conflict Resolution Model

  • Explore anger within relationships

  • Create an individualized Anger Control Plan


Cost: $20 per session per person

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