JESSICA CURRAN, BATech  (she/her/hers)

Marriage and Family Therapy Trainee

Jessica Curran is a Graduate student in the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at Northcentral University. She received her Bachelor of Applied Technology Health Services from the University of Texas RGV in 2007, and Associate degrees in Radiologic Technology and Diagnostic Sonography 2000-2004. Her therapy training includes helping families, individuals, and couples cope with difficult situations within the family unit, such as substance abuse, trauma, divorce, depression, and various other life crisis. Her specialty focus is medical marriage and family therapy, which incorporates a family approach in helping clients who are facing chronic and acute medical difficulties, grief, loss and suggest methods to manage their challenges.  


Jessica’s approach to therapy is based on a philosophical foundation, meaning that she collaboratively works with her clients without judgment and with a perspective that promotes positive change in behavior and emotions within an interrelational context.