Smiling Woman

Monarch Rising

A group for women

who are surviving trauma

to reclaim their lives

You have been bound long enough.

Stretch your wings and find your voice.

Trauma and abuse can leave survivors feeling 
untrusting, and damaged.

These feelings are rooted in pain...

....and are the beginning of a healing process.

This group offers you a safe space to
heal from the effects of trauma and regain control over your life.
You will feel in control of your body and mind instead of them controlling you.
You will be able to go and do what you want with the confidence that you can manage possible triggers.
You will be able to say yes to that cute neighbor who asked you out.
You will be able to think about maybe wanting to have sex again someday.

You will get to breathe again.

Group Facilitators

Mental Health Counseling Trainee 

Pronouns: she/her/hers


Specializations: Anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, life stress, and life transitions.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Qualified Supervisor

Pronouns: she/her/hers


Specializations: Trauma, LGBTQ+ issues, anxiety, grief, and stress management.

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