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Quarter Life Crisis

Adulting is no joke. For decades people identified anyone who acted erratically as experiencing a midlife crisis. Yet, this strange behavior is occurring earlier and earlier. Now, a quarter life crisis, people experience existential angst about their life’s purpose, goals, and meaning. This may look like switching career paths, moving to a different “scene”, extreme style changes (hair, clothes, car, decor, tattoos, piercings, etc), or changes in relationships (romantic partners, friends, family, coworkers). For more signs of this phenomena, go to

I believe this existential crisis occurs around age 25 because the path varies widely for young adults at this point in life. At 25, you may be beginning graduate school, starting the first full time job that you would consider a career, have children and family responsibilities, still live at home with parents, or starting your own company.

Looking around, 25-ish year-olds are challenged with a life altering question:

How do I define success and life satisfaction?

People may struggle with this question the rest of their lives. Having unclear or unrealistic expectations leads to depression and anxiety. Both of which affect loved ones and may ultimately inhibit you from achieving your goals. Counseling can assist you to assign new meaning and purpose to your life and the myriad of tasks involved, thereby decreasing depression and anxiety.

We want to help you live up to your fullest potential.


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