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Why Thursday?

You may have wondered why we post new blog posts on Thursday's.

Thursday is a day of mental preparation for ending the traditional work week strong, and beginning the weekend off right. You've made it through "hump day" and may need a little extra boost.

I love the #TGIT campaign from ABC that recognizes how badly we a reprieve from the stresses of the week when we cannot quite taste the reward of the weekend.


Here are a few tips to make it through:

  1. Self Care - It's the booming anthem in mental health currently, but for good reason. Stay tuned into your own needs (e.g., sleep, food, water, fun).

  2. Refocus on Your Goals - You are striving toward something. What is that, again? Don't lose sight of the reasons you are working so hard and making sacrifices.

  3. Slow Down - Sometimes we get so focused on the end goal that we miss the beauty and small successes found within the journey.

  4. Embrace the Chaos - We are all works in progress, remember? Sometimes that process is messy but for good reason. Allow it to be what it is. You cannot change other people (even if you are in the change biz), but you can control how you respond to the chaos.

  5. Keep the Faith - Don't give up! You have no idea how your struggle today may be developing your mental, emotional, physical, or financial muscles for the battle awaiting you tomorrow.

If you find you want an impartial ear to listen and help you through this process, we are here for you. Have an awesome week! You've got this!


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