Qualified Supervisor Renewal
1. There is only one Florida Statute that addresses clinical supervision.
2. A provisional licensee is:
3. In order to prove negligence, a plaintiff needs to prove which of the following (mark all that apply):
4. How many hours of supervision does a registered intern need to accrue?
5. What is parallel process in supervision?
6. Cross-cultural supervision is the same as multicultural supervision.
7. "A set of unearned benefits given to people who fit into a specific social group" defines which of the following phenomenon?
8. Using a supervision model...
9. Which of the following is NOT an adverse supervisor characteristic?
10. What percentage of group supervision has to be done face-to-face in person?
11. What is NOT included in a Supervision Plan/Contract?
12. The profession has yet to determine the standards for supervision that directly yield success with clients.
13. What is necessary for due process in evaluating supervisees?
14. What are some possible remediation options?
15. What should NOT be evaluated about the supervisor by the supervisee?

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