RYAN HAYES, B.S.  (he/him/his)

Mental Health Counseling Trainee

Ryan Hayes is currently studying and practicing clinical mental health counseling and therapy at the graduate level at Springfield College and Tampa Florida. He practices philanthropy, holistic practices and is also the proud President and founder of Cairo and Friends, which is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization located in Tampa, Florida that strives to bring awareness to service animals, disabilities, and mental health. He currently works with all ages and provides services to, disabled children, the youth, adults, veterans,  and anyone that is experiencing a traumatic event.  Alternative Decompression Therapy is also known as A.D.T. is a review case study that Mr. Hayes is implementing into traditional therapy and counseling. A.D.T. implements Cairo which is a certified service dog to help alleviate any tension and ultimately bring a positive atmosphere and support system for his clients. With that being said he uses several essential academic practices and also real-life experience to bring a transparent and emotional support foundation for all of his clients.