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Adult Individual Counseling


At THRIVE, we want to make quality mental health counseling
as accessible as possible for everyone regardless of your situation. 

When your depression keeps you from getting out of bed, 
your social anxiety or trauma symptoms keep you from leaving your home,

when you cannot access transportation or have the travel time,

Telehealth might be the answer.

You can receive counseling from a licensed mental health counselors from your own device at home on our HIPAA-compliant online video platform.

Girl Using Laptop

How It Works

  1. Request an appointment 

  2. We will email you a link to your HIPAA-compliant patient portal to complete intake paperwork online

  3. Schedule your first session in the patient portal

  4. You will receive an email and/or text notification for your appointment with the weblink to attend the session

Get the Most Out of Our Session

  • Log in 5-10 minutes ahead of time to test your internet connection and audio/video settings.

  • Find a location that is private and quiet.

  • Sit somewhere comfortable so you can focus on the session.

  • Turn off (or silence) anything other devices that may cause distractions such as cell phones, televisions, and tablets.

  • If you have families or roommates in the house, you may want to hang a sign on the door, asking everyone to refrain from entering the room until you are finished.

  • If you get distracted by seeing yourself on camera, explain you can cover that part of the screen with a post-it note.

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