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About Us

THRIVE Counseling & Consultation, LLC
was founded by Julie and Demetrius Williams
to provide opportunities for clients and clinicians to improve their lives
through multiculturally competent counseling and consultation.

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Smiling Teenage Boy

What is in a name?

Our vision for THRIVE has evolved over our shared experiences working in the mental health field. We saw the need for services that empower people to grow and flourish in their lives, families, careers, and community. THRIVE embodies this vision perfectly.


We are all works in progress.

There is no room for judgment or criticism when you are trying to grow. Plants require sunshine, water, pruning or weeding, and attention to thrive. We take this approach very seriously as it applies to mental health treatment and training. We are here to build you up, not tear you down.


Growing Pains

As any adolescent can tell you, or maybe show you, growing can be painful and awkward. There are aspects of maturing that are embarrassing, confusing, and frustrating.

Whether you are new to therapy, a regular, or supportive family or friend,
we are here to guide you along this journey of growth. 


For treatment providers and engaged community members,
we are here to give you the tools to produce bountiful "fruit" of your labor.

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