Gender Affirming Letters of Support

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This is a FREE 1-time appointment for any individual who meets diagnostic criteria for Gender Dysphoria and is seeking the required Letter of Support to obtain hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and/or gender-affirming procedures/surgery.

We follow the WPATH Standards of Care which
does NOT require anyone to PROVE their gender identity. 

We assess for your symptom criteria and informed consent
regarding the intended gender-affirming services.

How It Works

  1. Request an appointment 

  2. We will email you a link to your HIPAA-compliant patient portal to complete intake paperwork online

  3. Meet with a gender-affirming WPATH-competent clinician either in person or over telehealth

  4. Receive a password protected PDF letter of support by email within 3 business days

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What We Assess

  • Diagnostic criteria for Gender Dysphoria

  • Your mental and emotional health (having a MH diagnosis does not disqualify you)

  • Your support system

  • Your expectations regarding the desired gender-affirming intervention(s)

  • Plans for recovery/maintenance

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Gender Affirming
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Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
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