Supervisee FAQs

How do I register as an Intern with the FL Board?

  1. Review the requirements
  2. Apply with the Board and pay the application fee
  3. You need to identify a Qualified Supervisor who has agreed to supervise you. Simply use the Department’s Public Data Portal to download a current list of Board approved Qualified Supervisors. For detailed instructions, use the L icensure Data Download Guide. Obtain a letter from your selected Qualified Supervisor and send to the Board Office.
  4. Once you receive receipt from the Board, you can begin to accrue supervised experience toward your independent license.

How often do I need to meet with my supervisor?

Registered Mental Health Counselor Interns in Florida are required to complete no less than 100 hours of supervision in no less than 100 weeks, with at least 1 hour every 2 weeks. It is recommended that you meet with your supervisor no less than 4 hours per month if you are practicing full-time in order to complete supervision at the same rate as your client hours.

Can we meet by video/phone?

Currently, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Florida Board made provisions for supervision to be conducted 100% by distance including video or phone until June 2021. Traditionally, only individual supervision is eligible for synchronous video delivery up to 50% of the time. Phone is traditionally not available for individual or group supervision.

Can I have more than 1 supervisor?

Yes. If you are working at multiple locations, you can have each supervisor send a letter to the Board stating that they will supervise your hours.

Can I switch supervisors?

Yes. Your new supervisor needs to send a letter to the Board stating that they will supervise you. Once you receive notice that the new supervisor has been added, you can discontinue supervision with the previous supervisor, who needs to complete an Verification of Supervised Experience form for the Board to document the supervision and hours you received during their supervision.

What happens in supervision sessions?

That depends on your supervisor. Generally, supervision sessions are meant to provide clinical discussions of current client diagnoses, treatment planning, treatment course, and paperwork.

Can an LMHC supervise a Registered Clinical Social Work or Marriage and Family Therapy Intern?

An LMHC may supervise a registered intern in other disciplines IF the LMHC has completed additional coursework and has been approved by the Board to supervise those disciplines. Currently, Thrive does not offer supervision for any disciplines other than Mental Health Counseling at this time.

What if I cannot afford to pay for supervision?

Many employers hire registered interns and provide supervision as a free service to their employees. If you are unable to receive supervision through your employer and cannot afford private insurance, please contact us about available scholarships and/or discounts.

Why pay for supervision?

Some employers offer free supervision for registered interns, but some employers are unable to do so. We work in tandem with a site supervisor who can assist you with the organizational policies and procedures. Our private supervision focuses purely on your clinical skills rather than the administrative day-to-day aspects of your employment. This allows a safe and private space to speak openly about ethical dilemmas, clinical questions and concerns, without fear of employer consequences.

What are the differences between individual and group supervision?

Individual supervision allows you one-on-one time with the supervisor to address issues specific to your clinical development. Group supervision provides a collaborative approach to common issues among developing clinicians, builds consultation networks, and professional comaraderie.