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HANNAH SMITH  (she/her/hers)

Mental Health Counselor Trainee

 In the world of mental health, trust is more than a word; it's the foundation of healing and growth. As a master's student in clinical mental health counseling, I embrace the privilege of guiding individuals through life's complex challenges. With an integrative approach tailored to each unique soul, my mission goes beyond therapy; it's a pursuit of transformation, grounded in empathy and a profound belief in human potential.


My journey in mental health has led me to work with diverse populations including adolescents, adult women, and adult men. Whether in residential facilities or inpatient centers, I've dedicated myself to helping those battling anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, trauma, and substance use.


I believe in an integrative approach of theories, with a specific focus on person-centered counseling. I employ techniques from narrative therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and solution-focused therapy to create a tailored approach for each individual client.


For me, the cornerstone of the therapeutic alliance is trust. I strive to create a safe, non-judgmental space where clients can feel understood and supported. My belief is that every person has the capacity for growth and transformation, and I focus on empowering clients to recognize and utilize their unique strengths.


My life philosophy isn't just theoretical; it guides my daily work as I help clients understand themselves better, make value-aligned choices, and ultimately lead more fulfilling lives. What I love most about my work is the privilege of witnessing profound personal growth in my clients. Helping others navigate through their struggles, discover their potential, and create meaningful change fills me with an unparalleled sense of satisfaction and joy. The relationships I build and the progress I see are not just the highlights of my profession but the daily reminders of why I chose this path.

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