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Smiling Model

Ugh, Labels.

It's painful, humiliating, and frustrating
being pressured to squeeze into the
boxes created by society,

worrying about how others
may or may not react.

This group is a safe space where you can
explore gender identity and expression

without judgment or fear,
gain confidence in your gender(s),
and troubleshoot how to navigate
tricky situations and relationships
in an affirming way.

Life Beyond the Binary

A group where you can gain confidence in your identity

What to Expect.

This is a VIRTUAL (online) group held over Zoom facilitated by:

Rachel Van Kirk and Julie Williams.

(she/her/hers)                                    (she/her/hers)   





Each week, group members will have time to discuss issues that came up that week and receive supportive feedback from the group to improve coping with the ups and downs of nonbinary identity.

Do I have to talk?

No... it is encouraged though. By sharing your experiences, you allow the opportunity for someone else to say, "me too!"

Do I have to be on camera?

No... we ask for a one-on-one visual check-in that is done at the beginning with a therapist but afterward, you can turn off your camera if you choose. 

What if I am Genderqueer, Genderfluid, or something else?

If your gender identity does not conform to a traditional male/female binary model, you are welcome to join us!

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