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Emerging Adult Group

No, everyone else does NOT
have it all figured out,
even if it looks like it on Insta.


Are you hate-scrolling for hours?

Do you toss and turn at night feeling like a loser, wondering when things will finally fall into place for you?

Do you cringe when you have to talk to family that will ask "what are you doing with your life" and "when are you getting married"?

This group is a safe space
to get to know yourself better and 

feel a sense of direction for your life.

Example Topics:

Surviving the Quarter Life Crisis

Finding Work-Life Balance

Making Friends as a Young Professional

How to Navigate Dating Apps

Smart Money Management

Healthy Habit-Building

Setting boundaries with Parents/Family

Exploring options for Family Planning



Licensed Mental Health Counselor Qualified Supervisor

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Specializations: Trauma, LGBTQ+ issues, anxiety, grief, and stress management.

Group Facilitator

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