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Das Auto Body

If your body was a car, what kind of car would it be? I like to think of the human body like a car.

Brain = Engine

Thoughts = Crank Shaft, Pistons, & Valves

Energy = Battery

Feelings = Spark Plugs

Personality = Exterior and Interior Features

Resources (people, money, etc.) = Oil

Experiences/Stimuli = Fuel

Choices = Driver

Conscience = Brakes

The human body is a complex machine! We receive a brand new one at birth, which has its own personality intricacies and flaws built in that emerge over time. We intake experiences/stimuli that are processed by our brain which dictates much of our overall functioning. Thoughts work to generate motivation for the rest of our bodies to do things. Our feelings are an essential part of this process, sparking the conversion of experiences into thoughts. Whether we are capable of doing anything depends on our energy level, which requires regular recharging through sleep and rest. Having resources like money, opportunities, and support networks can make our lives run smoother. Conversely, when we lack resources, our abilities suffer. Finally, what we do with what we have relies on choices, exercising restraint when we perceive danger.

Although we are born with most parts intact, generally built the same way as other people, we have unique biological and environmental aspects. As such, we cannot expect our body/mind to function exactly like anyone else, although we may have similarities. This is why certain techniques or medications work differently for different people. We may experience similar events but process them much in ways unique to each person.

If experiences are our body's fuel, what types of experiences fuel you? Most people can honestly say they have been fueled by both positive and negative experiences. Just like we choose which gas station to use for fuel, we have some choice in our environment. We can choose to intake premium, plus, or unleaded versions of the experience. There may be times where someone breaks into our "car" and inserts fuel we did not choose or want. Consider how trauma may influence the way your body functions. Stressful situations can cause poor attention/concentration, sleep disturbances, decreased/increased appetite, headaches, muscle tension, and gastro-intestinal issues. Your body literally is not functioning efficiently. When we have positive experiences, people generally sleep better, think more clearly, and their body feels good.

Just like an automobile, our bodies require maintenance to continue to function at optimal performance. We have to take time to rest, sleep, and eat to have energy. Sometimes we experience malfunctions like a broken timing belt or leaky fuel line, which requires repair. When this occurs, we see a professional who knows how these parts function and can expertly make adjustments to improve our overall functioning.

What we do with what we have is how we live. If your life's legacy was a car commercial, what would the viewer see? Would it be a heart-warming story of growth, a world-wide adventure, or a stately celebration? If this is not the commercial you want, what needs to change? Do you need help choosing the right grade of fuel, to know where to find better gas stations? Do you need help with spark plugs or piston/valve malfunctions? Does your driver need more skills training? Are your actual parts broken down or rusted? Is your battery low or dead? It might be time to do something.

Many people attempt home car repairs. There are excellent resources online that are free! But if this is not doing the trick, it may be time to see a professional.


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