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How do you define success? What about failure? They are subjective terms, which means their definition varies from person to person, situation to situation. This means that you can redefine what success and failure mean for you and for certain situations.

When we try something new, a certain degree of "failure" is expected. Think about a toddler learning to walk. They fall down... a lot. They feel the hard surface beneath them despite their best efforts to make these legs do what they were meant to do. They see everyone else around them doing it without falling down, yet they get back up and try again.

I love the joy on a toddler's face the first time they step, walk, and run. They figured something out! Does this mean they never fall again? Nope. As a grown adult, I can attest that I still stumble and fall, feel the embarrassment and the aches/pains associated with the display of my "failure."

Why would it be different with other goals? Like managing certain problematic symptoms, thoughts, or behaviors? It takes practice and maintenance. Often when people engage in therapy they worry about failing at making changes that they already have been unable to change on their own. Well, that is what therapy is for! We are the stabilizers to help you take those first steps, to help you get up when you fall down, and give you support as you try again. This is a process and no one expects you to get it perfect the first time, and if you do, you may experience stumbles down the road.

Read to try those first steps? Contact us to get started.


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