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Sleep Tight Tonight

Sleep problems plague individuals in all walks of life, and may look differently for each person.

  • Problems falling asleep from racing thoughts, restlessness, discomfort, or distractions.

  • Problems staying asleep from mid-night wake-ups and difficulty going back to sleep.

  • Nightmares or Terrors that interrupt sleep and make it impossible to return to it.

  • All of the above

Not getting enough quality sleep is a health problem, for so many reasons.

Sleep Debt is a serious problem that puts you and others in danger, making it more difficult for you to get control of your sleep.

If you have not seen your primary care physician about this issue, you need to... NOW. You may have a serious sleep disorder that is treatable. That does not always mean taking sleep aids, which freak a lot of people out. There are many natural interventions to help.

Sleep Hygiene - Take control of your sleep patterns by making changes to your routine.

There are tons of apps and devices to help you keep on track.

However, problems with sleep is also a common symptom of mental disorders. If you have spoken to your doctor, tried sleep hygiene tips at home, and still struggle, then this may be a good time to talk to a therapist. Your sleep and your health are too important to neglect, influencing your overall functioning. You owe it to yourself, your loved ones and your future to take your sleep seriously.

Sleep tight tonight!


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