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The Unspeakable

There are problems that people don't talk about, resulting in silent suffering:

  • Unemployment

  • Fear or Anxiety

  • Compulsive Behaviors

  • Infertility or Parenting Issues

  • Sexual Dysfunction

  • Abuse or Trauma

  • Suicidal or Homicidal Thoughts

  • Hallucinations or Delusions

There are many reasons people remain silent and avoid seeking treatment:

  • I don't want to be judged.

  • This is too embarrassing.

  • Other people won't understand.

  • No one else deals with this.

  • I should know what to do.

  • There's nothing that can help.

  • This is too painful to discuss.

  • Change will be too difficult.

Suffering in silence is not your only option.

Counseling is more than simple listening and giving advice, it's the skillful application of specifically chosen interventions and techniques to assist you toward making progress. There are qualified and trained professionals that will listen without judgement, maintaining your dignity, and can assist you to make realistic progress toward your goals. There are risks like feeling uncomfortable at first, and there are benefits like comfort and relief.

If you're willing to start speaking up, contact us.


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