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Therapy is Weird

Yup, you read that right. Talking to a stranger about your problems doesn't come naturally to most people.

I think about it like riding a bike. People who ride bicycles often look so happy or efficient. There are many types of bikes for different purposes. There are cheap ones and expensive ones, fancy ones and simples ones, and they even come with accessories and training wheels.

The invention of the bicycle revolutionized travel and eventually recreation/sports.

But does riding a bike come naturally? NO.

You have to learn how to ride a bike... taught by someone you trust. You cannot learn it from a book, maybe from a YouTube video, but it's best to learn from experience. You can ask other people what it's like for them, but it's never going to be the same as your own experience. Therapy is much the same process.

What other people gain or do not gain from therapy will vary from person to person, therapist to therapist. If this is really something you want to try to master, you need to find a therapist who you trust and has the skills to guide you through this process with as few bumps along the way.

Tips to Finding a Good Therapist

  1. Word of Mouth - Ask people you trust if they know of any therapists they like. Then ask WHY they like the therapist. Remember: one size does NOT fit all. Consider if this fits for you and why or why not.

  2. Ask Good Questions - Whether it is before or during your first appointment, interview your therapist about their approach to counseling, how they measure progress, and their experience with problems similar to yours.

  3. Don't Settle - If you recognize that the vibe is wrong or their feedback doesn't resonate with you, speak up! Any therapist worth their salt will respect you and provide you referrals to other therapists who may be a better fit.

  4. Licenses Matter - A state license in psychology, clinical social work, marriage and family therapy, and mental health counseling is important. This license protects you as the client from potential harm because the state has vouched and regularly vets licensed therapists. To maintain a license, the therapist has to complete on-going training, pass background checks, and adhere to legal and ethical guidelines for practice. I know this often means that therapy costs more, but it's like a bike - you get what you pay for.

Willing to try therapy out? We are happy to help you through this weird process until it becomes normal and exciting, just like "riding a bike" (sorry, I had to).

If you are in the Tampa Bay area and want to schedule an appointment or consultation, click here.

If you're not in the area and would like a referral near you, click here and we will do our best to connect you with some great options in your area.


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