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When Life is a Blur

From the sound of the alarm in the morning to the thud of your head hitting the pillow at night, you live your life. I can't tell you how many times I look back on my day or week and have no idea how everything happened. Even with what I do remember, I know I'm missing details.

Life can move so fast.

Our bodies and minds are hardwired to survive, which often means thinking three steps ahead. We become fixated on the future, worrying about what comes next. We lose sight of our successes because we have to plan for the next challenge. But in doing so, we miss what is happening right NOW.

Rather than making resolutions for 2019, what did you achieve in 2018?

Slow down and ask yourself about where you have been and all you have learned. Consider the people you have met, the friendships and relationships that grew, and the happy memories shared. Reflect on the challenges you experienced and how they turned out. What is the meaning of your life?

How does your lifestyle and mindset support that meaning? Resolutions are born here. Often people get stuck focusing on the outward changes they want to make in their lives, but true change begins on the inside. Changing your thought patterns sets the stage for real change in your life.

Counterproductive Thoughts:

  • Anything with "should" attached to it - "I should work harder." Says who? Is this something that you want? Why or why not? Reframe: "In order to save more money, I will pick up a second job."

  • "Always" and "Never" thinking - "I always mess that up." Any extreme cannot be true, there are usually exceptions. This way of thinking gets people stuck rather than productive. Reframe: "I messed that up again, I can do better."

  • "What If?" - "What if it doesn't go the way I planned?" This line of thinking gets people stuck in continually generating new crises to plan around. Many people think this will help them avoid these problems, but perpetuates this cycle without resolution. Reframe: "Things may not go as planned, but everything will be ok."

Consider how your thoughts influence your feelings and behavior. Are they supporting the life you want?


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