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Stronger Together?

"No man is an island unto himself" - John Donne.

People can be frustrating, hurtful, and annoying. Relationships can feel more like barriers than bridges, failures than futures, and hate than love. So why can't we just move out to the middle of nowhere, preferably a tropical island magically shielded from hurricanes, and live the rest of our lives in peace ALONE?

The use of isolation during incarceration is a severe punishment. Spend too much time in complete social isolation and your mind starts to turn on you (learn more here). We are social beings, like it or not, our brains crave social interaction.

Consider the social media boom. This desire for connection led to rapid development of innovative ways for people to connect in more efficient and creative ways. Yet, social media can take a toll on your mental health (learn more here). So how do you know when your connections are helping and not hurting you?

Consider these questions when evaluating your relationships:

How do I feel when I anticipate encountering this person?

How do I feel after I encounter this person?

Am I proud of the way I interact with others?

What interactions am I not proud of?

How are my thoughts and feelings affected by my interactions with this person?

If you notice challenges with your relationships and you would like help with those thoughts, feelings, or behaviors, contact us. We cannot tell you what to do, but will help you better understand what you want and how to achieve happy healthy interactions with others.


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